Woodland Management

Woodland Management Programmes, Planning and Mapping

Woodland Management Services

Interested in taking on a bunch of professional, experienced tree surgeons to undertake your woodland management needs? Let us tell you what's on offer...

  • Woodland mapping and surveys.
  • Tree maintenance. 
  • Tree planting.
  • Woodland management programmes.
  • Wildlife initiatives, such as bird and bat boxes.
  • Habitat creation and hibernacula.
  • Invasive weed control.
  • Coppicing and clearance.
  • Scrub clearance. 
  • Tree felling.
  • Canopy thinning.
  • Ditch and drainage clearance.
  • Stock fencing.
  • Gate hanging.
  • Rhododendron and Laurel clearance.

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Free Advice

Woodland ownership is increasing, and with ownership comes the responsibility of stewardship. Bawden Tree Care offers qualified advice on how best to manage the woodland in your charge, hand-in-hand with conservation bodies such as the Woodland Trust and Natural England. By offering our expertise, we hope to help establish sustainable woodland, thereby increasing its amenity value, increasing biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

Woodland Planning

From the initial survey of tree and woodland health right through to the preparation and execution of a management plan that will ensure your woodland and its wildlife will flourish; Bawden Tree Care provides a complete service to its customers. If you are establishing new woodland, we can aid with the selection of the correct native species for the type of woodland you are creating, obtain high quality nursery stock to minimise failure rate, and plant your woodland using quality, peat-free compost.

Woodland Coppicing

Coppicing involves felling trees at the base just above ground level, usually repetitively, whilst allowing them to re-grow and to therefore provide a sustainable source of timber. Coppicing should be completed in late winter or early spring, just before the sap begins to rise and growth activity commences. Coppicing also helps increase woodland biodiversity; keeping specimens coppiced allows more light to reach the woodland floor. This, in turn, allows flora and fauna to establish, many of which are food sources for many insects and wildlife. Bawden Tree Care will take care of TPO and conservation area applications at no extra cost.



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