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Tree Preservation Orders - TPO's

Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 certain trees are subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Before any works can be carried out on TPO protected trees permission must be obtained from your Local Planning Authority (LPA) through submission of a formal application. Owners of protected trees are responsible for their care and maintenance and are liable for any actions taken against them resulting from damage caused by poorly maintained trees.

All types of tree, but not hedges, bushes or shrubs can be protected, and a TPO can protect anything from a single tree to all trees within a defined area or woodland. Any species can be protected, but no species is automatically protected by a tree preservation order.

Normal TPO procedures apply if a tree in a conservation area is already protected by a TPO. But if a tree in a conservation area is not covered by a TPO, you have to give written notice to the LPA (by letter, email or on the LPA’s form) of any proposed work, describing what you want to do, at least six weeks before the work starts. This is called a ‘section 211 notice’ and it gives the LPA an opportunity to consider protecting the tree with a TPO.

You do not need to give notice of work on a tree in a conservation area less than 7.5 centimetres in diameter, measured 1.5 metres above the ground (or 10 centimetres if thinning to help the growth of other trees).

Local Planning Authorities in the Wiltshire area include:

  • Wiltshire County Council
  • Swindon Borough Council (Swindon Area)
  • Test Valley Borough Council (Andover Area)

Bawden Tree Care offer advice and assistance in preparing an LPA application, will submit the necessary applications on your behalf and liaise with your Local Planning Authority all the way through the process. 

Why choose Bawden Tree Care to assist with your planning application?

Professional and consistent approach to all planning applications made.

Proposed work needs to be described accurately and using the correct terminology.

Administration completed free of charge if subsequent order for work placed with Bawden Tree Care.


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