Following the removal of a tree, consideration must be given to what will happen next - including the removal of the stump. Tree stumps can be unsightly and pose a health and safety risk in the form of a trip hazard. Stumps have no useful purpose, so it is generally accepted that, unless there is a specific reason for retaining the stump, it should be removed. Bawden Tree Care have been carrying out stump removals across Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire for over 30 years!



Often, old stumps can lie in the way of fences or new extensions; it is absolutely necessary, however, to remove stumps left from the felling of a diseased tree to ensure that all traces of the disease are removed and cannot infect newly planted or neighbouring trees. When tree stump removal is completed, it is essential that underground services and surrounding structures are located and protected. Our staff are qualified and experienced in cable avoidance techniques (CAT); we use our own CAT and Genny for these checks - all of which are regularly tested and calibrated. It is common for tree stump removal to be undertaken when a tree is felled, however, this is not always the case - Bawden Tree Care is often asked to remove old stumps in isolation.


The grinding away of tree stump and surface roots eliminates any potential trip hazards and improves the landscape's aesthetic. When using this method, even the largest of tree stumps can be reduced to sawdust and grindings, minimal disturbance is caused to the surrounding ground, and once all debris has bene removed, the resulting void can be filled with clean top soil, levelled and the ground can be used for other purposes. Bawden Tree Care possess a range of tree stump grinders that enable the largest and smallest stumps to be removed. Access to confined spaces and rear gardens need not be an issue; our smallest stump grinder will fit through a standard garden gate,


Where it is not appropriate to undertake tree stump removal, stumps can be treated with a 'eco plug' instead. This is a small plastic plug containing herbicide; a hole is drilled into the stump and the eco plug is inserted. Depending upon the size of the stump and the species of the tree, more than one plug may be required. This method is highly effective and poses no risk to other trees, shrubs, vegetation or animals.

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Excellent job. Very professional and an excellent price.


Thruxton, Hampshire

Your team completed a job for my Mum in Shrewton last week.

I got photo updates from her daily, it looked truly epic & all too easy


Shrewton, Wiltshire


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