So, you know your trees, bushes or shrubs need some TLC, but you're not sure about the terminology - what work actually needs doing...don't fret! We have hand-crafted this useful little page that tells you exactly what each of our tree surgery services entails. What's a "crown"? What does "felling" mean? All of these questions and more are answered below - take a look and get in the know! 


Tree Felling or Tree Removal

To put it quite simply, to fell a tree means to cut it down. Chainsaws are often the weapon of choice, meaning that 'fellers' (those who perform tree felling) must be experienced in the issue of a chainsaw and have extensive knowledge and understanding of health and safety procedures surrounding the use of a chainsaw and felling of trees. Once a tree is felled, Bawden Tree Care ensures it is safely removed and disposed of, along with any debris.

Tree Stump Grinding / Removal

Following the felling or falling of a tree, a stump is left behind. To avoid the hosting of diseases and remove a prominent trip hazard, it is generally recommended that tree stumps are removed. Many people pay their contractors to remove stumps in conjunction with felling, however Bawden Tree Care will also remove stumps in isolation of any other work, Smaller stumps can be removed with an winch, however mechanical stump grinders tend to be used to grind stumps down to a fine sawdust. Failing this, eco plugs containing herbicide are inserted into the stumps. You can read more about our stump grinding services here.

Cable Bracing

Cable bracing involves installing cables within a tree to provide structural support for weak and vulnerable branches, following some pruning work to reduce the weight held by the branch(es). The brace implementation prevents the failure of weak branches, and provides nearby buildings with protection against potential damage as a result of branch deterioration. 

Scrub Clearance

'Scrub' refers to collections of young shrubs and trees that, if left unmanaged, can quickly take over an area. However, scrubs can also provide habitat for much wildlife and support various plants. Bawden Tree Care offers scrub clearance services following close inspection, and if deemed necessary, we will carry out this work.

Woodland Thinning

As the trees within a woodland grow, there is opportunity for some specimens to suppress potentially more favourable species; this is generally something that those caring for woodland should avoid. We offer woodland thinning services that would help reduce woodland density and allow more favourable tree species to flourish.

Hedge Cutting / Trimming

The trimming or cutting of a hedge is carried out when a hedge is deemed overgrown or of an undesirable shape; contractors such as Bawden Tree Care can be called upon to trim hedges back down, or to a specific shape identified by the customer.


'Pruning' refers to the selective removal of tree branches to remove branches that are not wanted, improve the structure of the tree, and encourage healthy growth. Buildings and properties can be saved from falling branches, and trees can grow on your own terms too avoid undesirable overhanging branches.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches of a tree to increase the distance between the ground and the lower branches if a tree; this can improve views, for example of road signs, help light reach the ground, and allow access underneath the tree, for example for traffic.

Crown Cleaning / Dead Wooding

Branches naturally die whilst attached to trees, usually as a result of a tree's imbalanced exposure to the sun; those areas that are shaded more than they are exposed to sunlight are likely to die off faster than the rest of the tree. The process of dead wooding, also known as crown cleaning, livens up the tree and removes the risk of rot spreading to the trunk, ultimately killing the entire tree. Health and safety is also improved through dead wooding, as dead limbs are more likely to break off and fall during adverse weather; this risk is eliminated by undergoing this process.

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