Tree Surveys and Reports

Tree surveys and reports Bawden Tree CareWhy do you need to survey trees?

Like all other property owners schools and other educational establishments have a duty of care to staff, pupils, students, visitors and the general public.  This obligation extends to the health, condition and safety of trees that are located within the grounds, whether it is a solitary specimen or large woodland.

Trees are an important amenity in many respects, but they can be dangerous and unsafe, it is therefore important to be proactive in the management of trees and woodland where people could be at risk, regular inspections and checks of their condition play and important part in this process

Tree Survey Solutions from Bawden Tree Care

Bawden Tree Care can provide a range of tree surveys and arboricultural reports for all manner of property owners, facilities managers and other professionals. 

Depending upon the customer's needs, reports and surveys available include:

  • Tree Hazzard Assessments and Recommendations
  • Climbing Surveys and Inspections
  • Site Monitoring
  • Mortgage Surveys
  • Woodland Management Plans
  • Ecology Advice
  • Pre and post development site tree surveys
  • BS 5837:2012 Reports
  • Decay Detection 

Located in Salisbury we are well placed to undertake surveys in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and across the South of England area, including London.

Tree Surveys and Health and Safety Risk Assesments

Trees are a realistic health and safety concern for land and estate owners and managers.  There is a common need to juggle the pre-eminent demand of ensuring public safety with the emotional response that felling seemingly healthy trees invariably generates amongst the public they are seeking to protect.

Undertaking a regular survey of your tree stock will help identify the warning signs of tree stress and decay, helping prevent unexpected and potentially dangerous incidences of limb drop. Proactive rather than re-acSchool Tree Surveyors Arboricultural Plot Extracttive tree management is safer and makes financial sense, school budgeting can allow for planned maintenance in a phased approach.

Regular surveying and reporting of tree stock will also generally meet the requirements and obligations of landowners and tenants under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984, as well as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published an informative set of pages on its' website which are a great source of reference for schools and colleges on this particular subject. Click here to view.

Digital Plotting and Mapping using GPS and Pear Technology Software

Our surveyors use the latest software from Pear Technology and hand-held GPS devices to produce a range of digital drawings and maps to suit your individual requirements.

Standard tree surveys provide information such as:

- Species of the tree based on scientific name.
- Physical measurements of the tree such as height and diameter.
- Age of the tree.
- Overall health of the tree.
- Life expectancy of the tree.
- Management recommendations.

Old decaying Oak Tree Surveyed by Bawden Tree CareWhy Choose Bawden Tree Care for your Tree Survey?

Bawden Tree Care will provide input, advice, survey and report writing services to assist in meeting your specific requirements, ensuring that the survey and report are relevant and no more expense than is absolutely necessary is incurred.

We also provide:

  • Two bound hard copies of each report provided, including maps.
  • Digital copy of report and plans provided if required.
  • Copies of reports and mapping archived and available upon request at anytime.
  • Digital photographs provided of site specific features if required.
  • Ongoing support and advice with survey findings and recommendations.

   Call or email Bawden Tree Care now to discuss your tree survey requirements with Alex Pearce, Bawden Tree Care - Tree Inspector, or to make an appointment for one of the team to visit, or just get some general advice. Please remember we are here to help and all our quotations are free and without obligation. Bawden Tree Care is an 'Approved Contractor' with the Arboricultural Association so you can be assured that you are being given a professional service at a fair price.

To book your no obligation free quotation call now 01980 623015 or email the Bawden Tree Care survey team with your requirements. 



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