BS5837:2012 Tree Surveys

Building and construction sites tend to be populated with existing trees; some must be removed to enable the building work to progress, whilst others can remain. 

As part of the construction planning process, it will almost certainly be a requirement to undertake a tree survey and submit a report all in accordance  with BS5837:2012 Tree Assessment for Planning. Within this process tree species, size, quality and value to the landscape are all identified, before recommendations are made regarding those to be retained or removed.

What is BS5837:2012?

British Standard 5837:2012 Tree Assessment for Planning specifies tree species, size, quality and value to landscape, and recommends whether trees should be retained or removed. It must also include a plan that provides details regarding shade, future crown sizes and rooting areas, as well as a method statement and tree protection plan detailing precautions to be taken to protect trees during construction. In some cases, regular dialogue and on-site meetings with local planners and the council's arboricultural officer help the process along.

Bawden and BS5873

When choosing Bawden Tree Care to survey your trees, we will do so in accordance with British Standard 5873:2012, and provide details, drawings, plans and specifications that may be required to support your planning application. These may include root protection zones, arboricultural impact statements, method statements and management plans. We always provide knowledgable, qualified staff to supervise machine and hand-dig work on site wherever this is stipulated by the planning officer.


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