Hedge cutting, removal of Conifer hedge in Shrivenham Swindon Wiltshire

As hedge cutting contractors, Bawden Tree Care are often asked to remove complete hedges, including the roots - usually to make way for building or development works - but sometimes just as part of a general garden maintenance.

This picture shows the hedge cutting as part of the way through the removal of a mature Conifer hedge from the side of an astro turf sports pitch in Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire.  Originally planted as a wind break for the pitch the hedge had out grown it's purpose and was beginning to be detrimental to the structure and surface of the pitch itself.

The Bawden team started the work by removing all of the lateral branches reducing the hedge back to the stems of each plant.  Not really a job where hedge trimmers could be used, more chainsaws and handsaws.  All trimmings, clippings and green waste was chipped and removed from the work area by tractor and trailer - it was re-cycled on the customer's estate and so went to good use.  Once all the laterals had been processed each stem of the mature hedge was felled to ground level, again all wood was processed into wood chip.   Once the stems had all been cleared the final stage of the works was to remove the roots that remained, this was completed using one of the Bawden stump grinders.  Roots were ground out down to a depth of around 350mm and as completely as was possible.  This left the ground free from any part of the Conifer hedge that had stood there enabling a new hedge to be planted to replace the old one.

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