The Bawden Tree Care has for a long time being supplying arboricultural surveying services and tree surgery to the a range of facilities management companies and other service providers associated with the construction industry.  The business has also been a member of Constructionline for a number of years, although most recently only maintaining the most basic level of membership. 

One of Bawden Tree Care's key FM customers requested that the business complete a re-assessment via Constructionline as part of it's own 'Sub-Contractor' accreditation process, with the goal of achieving Gold Membership status.  The Operations Team set about updating and improving responses and policies already provided and then the task of completing the questions and data required to achieve 'Gold'.  Bawden Tree Care is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 so this underpinned a reasonable amount of the information required, but there was still a significant amount of new details and descriptions required.  Working to a prescribed plan and with the help and assistance of the support team at Constructionline, the Bawden Team were able to complete the required modules and where necessary provide supporting documents and evidence in very short order.  The completed application was submitted, after around a 48 hour wait we were advised that some minor revisions were required to a small number of our responses.  These were duly completed and within the next 24 hours we were presented with the news that the business had met the necessary benchmark and been awarded Constructionline, 'Gold Member' status - big congratulations to all of those involved, it is an important achievement for the business.  

Without delay we were able to provide our customer's with copies of our certificate confirming the award and of course updating our website and other published Company records.  Whilst the accreditation itself does not guarantee opportunities nor business going forward, historically Bawden has found it does result in new relationships being formed and old ones strengthened.  This does not happen without a degree of self promotion and marketing to raise awareness of the Bawden Tree Care and the hard earned accreditations that the business maintains.

Buyers who use the services of Constructionline to review potential suppliers can now see that Bawden Tree Care verified notations in the following categories:

Tree Surgery - Weed Control - Environmental Mitigation - Arboriculture including Tree Health and Condition Surveys .  

Bawden Tree Care is now one of a select number of Wiltshire based contractors and tree surgeons that hold Gold Membership with Constructionline.  Also with an arboricultural survey and consultants service within scope of the accreditation, the business can really offer a great choice to facilities managers and main contractors looking for professional tree services in the Southern half of the United Kingdom.