Sycamore Canopy Reduction in Thruxton, Hampshire

Sycamore Canopy Reduction in Thruxton, Hampshire

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Bawden Tree Care completed a canopy reduction to a Sycamore (Acer psuedoplatanus) reducing the overall height of the tree by 2 metres and width of the canopy by a similar amount to maintain it's aesthetic appearance.  Additionally the team raisied the canopy vy 1 metre and thinned the inner part so as to allow dappled light into the garden. 

Bawden are very grateful for the positive feedback received from the customer:

" Despite the terrible weather the team were fantastic, very courteous, considerate and professional.  They worked hard all day, carried out a very professional job of pruning the tree, and put right a very poor job that had been undertaken a few years back by another Company.  They cleared up and left the garden as clean as they could since it was very wet, a very good job and a very satisfied customer. " MW, Thruxton, Hampshire.

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