Bawden Tree Care - Hedge Trimming and Cutting - Tidworth

Bawden Tree Care - Hedge Trimming and Cutting - Tidworth

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Bawden Tree Care were tasked with trimming a number of hedges around this customer's property in Tidworth.  There were a variety of species making up the hedges including; Beech, Box, Yew, Hazel and Hornbeam, the hedges were of a variety of shapes and sizes.  The Box hedging needed a keen eye as over the years it had been trimmed into very specific shapes, in more recent years this detail had been lost and the Bawden team were keen to restore some of the previous uniformity in shape and height.  In contrast, the Yew hedging is young and only recently planted, however the customer now wanted establish a finished height for the hedge at about 1 metre.  Other hedges we more established and merely required programmed annual maintenance however some of them were at a height which required the use of a MEWP so that the team could reach the tops of the hedges safely.  As normal the garden was left clean and tidy with all clippings and arisings shredded ready for composting.  

The customer was kind enough to provide the following feedback to the team:

" Thank you Bawdens we are appreciative of the good work done recently."  TH, Tidworth, Hampshire

If you need hedge trimming or cutting, large or small anywhere in the Tidworth or Hampshire area, call or email Bawden Tree Care now to discuss your requirements, make an appointment for one of the team to visit, or just get some general advice.  Please remember we are here to help and all our quotations are free and without obligation.  Bawden Tree Care is an 'Approved Contractor' with the Arboricultural Association so you can be assured that you are being given a professional service at a fair price.