Bawden Tree Care - Crown Thinning - Alresford

Bawden Tree Care - Crown Thinning - Alresford

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This customer approached Bawden Tree Care to complete the extensive thinning of a mature Beech tree located in the rear garden of their Alresford property.  Typical of Beech generally the specimen had grown in size and the canopy was preventing sunlight from entering the garden.

Working within the canopy one of the Bawden team supported by ground crew removed a significant quanitity of crossing limbs as well as some diseased and dead wood.  Also one in every five of the remaining branches were also removed, this work ensured that the structural integrity of the tree is not compromised but at the same time as much sunlight as possible is introduced to the garden below. 

The customer provided the following feedback to the team which was good, constructive and well received:

"The boys that did the job were excellent."  AR, Alresford, Hampshire

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