Tree Removal - Felling and Sectional Dismantle

Diseased Lime tree felled ground level

Like all professional tree surgeons, arborists and tree care specialists Wiltshire based Bawden Tree Care like to see healthy trees managed and maintained, after all where would we be without trees?  But, there are ocassions when trees have to be removed, this may be as a result of disease and decay, storm damage, safety, or simply that they are in the way of a proposed development or have out grown their position.

Felling trees is a skilled operation that is not without risks it is therefore essential that the work is completed by tree surgeons who are experienced in felling, competent and have the necessary qualifications for the work required.  Just because a tree surgeon has a qualification to use a chainsaw on the ground does not mean that they are qualified or competent to fell a tree.  Bawden Tree Care have a number of staff within the team qualified and experienced in the removal of trees, the business is also insured to fell trees to ground level. 

Sectional felling tree working within the canopy Many trees are protected, specifically through a Tree  Preservation Order, or collectively by the fact they are  located within a designated Conservation Area.  It is  therefore essential that the status of any tree to be felled  is checked with the Local Planning Authority before work  commences, if protected an application needs to be  submitted seeking permission to fell and remove the tree  in question.  Bawden Tree Care will make the necessary enquiries of the Local Authoirty as part of the quotation process and if required submit an application to complete the felling on the customer’s behalf.  This administrative process is provided by Bawden Tree Care at not additional cost to the customer.   

The Tree Felling Process

Through experience comes planning, felling any tree, large or small, evergreen or deciduous requires planning, this will help ensure safety and reduce the risk oMature Lime tree felled to ground level, tree diseased and rotten.f damage to people and property.  Bawden Tree Care will always conduct a full site specific risk assessment beforme work commences and use this evaluation to plan the work method and how the tree will be felled.

Trees can be felled to the ground either in one piece or more commonly on a sectional basis, with timber cut from the canopy down and gently lowered to the ground using rope rigging systems.  Sections cut from trees are heavy and will easily damage lawns, patios, tarmac and other surfaces if just thrown down from height in an uncontrolled manner.  On occasions a tree can be felled in one piece, this is abviously a quicker process than a sectional dismantle but a thorough assessment does need to be made and consideration given to the potential damage that could be incurred.  It is critical that an expert assessment of the area onto which the tree will fall is made and that there is sufficent safe clearance all around.  A further important consideration when felling trees is the presence of overhead cables and the potential risks from electrocution and loss of services.  Again as part of the process Bawden Tree Care will liaise with utility providers and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the works can be carried out safely.     

Bawden Tree Care provide a full range of tree removal and felling services, including stump grinding out the stump if required.  All quotations are free and without obligation. Call or contact to discuss tree felling or to book an appointment with the Tree Care Manager.  Bawden Tree Care for tree felling in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, and the South of England 

Bawden Tree Care strive to offer the best tree surgery solutions, at honest and realistic prices.  Please take some time to browse the web site and find out more about the range of services offered. The testimonial pages might be useful as they provide details of feedback received from satisfied customers.  


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