Tree Surgeons - Green Waste - Logs Chippings Mulch and More!

Green Waste Wood ChipCommon waste arising from tree works is:

  • Logs and timber.
  • Brash.
  • Wood-chip, chips or mulch.
  • Shavings and sawdust.
  • Tree roots.

Green waste from tree surgery works can often become an issue at the end of a job, some tree surgeons are not prepared to remove waste from site.  At Bawden Tree Care on completion of tree surgery works the site, including any arisings to be retained, will be left in a clean, safe and tidy state.  Bawden Tree Care will always discuss with customers, before any work commences, what is to happen with the arisings, normally these arrangements will be summarised within any written quotation.

If green waste is not to be removed Bawden Tree Care will always encourage customer to take into consideration the following when deciding what is to be done with the arisings:

  • The use of the site, access, amount of space and safety implications of storing arisings.
  • Wildlife and habitat, particularly where veteran trees are present.
  • The management of pests and diseases, encouraging beneficial organisms.
  • The potential for damage to the site and neighbouring property.
  • The scope for use as woodchip mulch, fire wood or bio-mass.
  • The general effect on the amenity value of the site and associated environmental considerations.

Naturally many custoGreen waste logs, brash and timbermers do not wish to retain arisings resulting from tree surgery works.  Bawden Tree Care will always offer to remove arisings, customers can be reassured that all waste is disposed of responsibly and by taking into account many of the same considerations detailed above.

Bawden Tree Care will only ever dispose of arisings through burning if all other options are impracticable, or where there is a need control the spread of some specific diseases.

Bawden Tree Care is registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier, tree surgery teams always have a copy of the registration certificate in the vehicle, please ask to see it for peace of mind.

Additionally Bawden Tree Care is accredited with ISO 14001, as such customers can be assured that all waste produced and handled by the team is disposed of responsibly and in most cases re-cycled.