Tree Surveys for Schools

Safety is a primary concern for those at home, at work, out and about - and at school. Think of not as a check up on the area's trees to ensure they're in good nick and don't pose a health and safety risk.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published an informative set of pages on its website - a great source of reference for schools and colleges concerning this particular subject. 

Why Bother?

Like all other property owners, educational establishments have a duty of care to staff, the general public, parents and pupils. This duty extends to monitoring the condition and safety of trees located within the grounds; for example, regular surveying helps avoid deadwood and decay going unnoticed, eliminating the risk of falling branches and other health and safety risks. School budgeting can be worked with by implementing planned maintenance in a phased approach.

Risk Assessments

Trees are a health and safety concern for schools and colleges in the same way they are for land and estate owners and managers. The general public generally seek to protect local trees; however, this particular issue must be weighed up against a carefully compiled risk assessment. The felling of a seemingly healthy tree may naturally spark upset within the local community, however it may be necessary to protect staff, pupils and the public from harm.


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