Decay Detection

Often, as a result of  a planned visual inspection or arboricultural survey, symptoms present themselves as evidence that the internal integrity of a tree may be weakening. These symptoms require attention in order to decide what the next steps should be. 

Decay Symptoms

Whilst carrying out an arboricultural survey, symptoms that surveyors may look for in a decaying tree include:
- Swellings
- Cavaties
- Fungi and mushroom-like growths
- Discolouration
- Discharge
- Bark abnormalities
- Weak branch attachment
- Excessive deadwood
- Lean
- Hangers
By evaluating these symptoms, Bawden Tree Care can determine whether a more detailed internal investigation is required to ascertain the overall health and viability of the tree.

How We Detect Decay

Using some of today's latest technology, Bawden Tree Care undertakes non-invasive internal tree surveys to determine the condition of the trunk or specific branches of a tree. We use a Picus Sonic Tomograph, which measures the speed at which sound is transmitted through specific sections of the tree. Computer software interprets this information and provides a two-dimensional pictorial analysis of cavities and decay where they exist; this can help determine a management plan. These resistograph inspections are carried out to survey single specimens or quantities of trees; we are happy to provide either service.


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